Bioline is an Italian company that works for Beauty since 1979: it profoundly knows Beauty, knows how to enhance it, nourish it and protect it in all its expressions.
To communicate its own identity, Bioline has always used blu as the colour that bests represents beauty.
Blu is the colour of the sky and the sea and expresses the purity, safety and serenity that Bioline wants to pass on to the market:
Purity, because Bioline has always worked with pure active principles derived from nature;
Safety, because it is the shared value of the entire production chain; from the research & development activities conducted in 100% Italian laboratories to the safety and efficacy tests carried out in the company, the production processes are certified by leading Italian and international institutions. Each products is tested for more than a year before being proposed, ensuring effective controls and transparency of results;
Blu at last is the colour of introspection and inner peace, generated by the Serenity with which each woman and each man can rely on Bioline’s experience for the health and beauty of his or her own body.
Blu is a colour, a concept, but also a word with which Bioline has created a series of neologisms to strengthen its corporate image, starting from 2015: it is a new Beauty vocabulary consisting of new terms specially composed of an Italian part (BLU) and an English part.
BluBeauty, BluMethod, BluTouch, BluWorld emphasise the double spirit of the company, completely Italian, but with an international vocation and presence.
Each neologism represents a distinctive value of the company:
the visible, profound and long lasting results of the exclusive Bioline method, possible thanks to the extraordinary combination of effective treatments and specific massages;
the unique touch of the Beauty Expert aestheticians, trained directly by the company;
the exclusive training academy from which has started the entrepreneurial experience of the Bioline family.
Blu is the colour with which to create a new world of images: elegant photographs have been created in which client and aesthetician meet each other in the same comforting aura of well-being. The result is a new communication strategy, a brilliant and vivid illustration that is the Beauty promise in diverse tones of blu that Bioline makes to women and men around the world.