DE-OX C evolution: the new facial cosmetic line with powerful antioxidants that provides vitality, protection and compactness to the skin

“How old is your skin?”: often its appearance is different from reality! In fact, we have two ages: our real age, linked to the passing of time, and our biological age, which refers to our skin cells, tissues, and organs … These two ages do not always coincide: the years that we demonstrate, are in fact, the consequence of harmful external factors to which our skin is subjected every day. Pollution, excessive sun exposure, lifestyle and bad eating habits are among the main causes of oxidation and glycation – two processes that affect the skin negatively and cause premature aging.

OXIDATION: as the color of a cut apple changes when in contact with oxygen in the air, because of an oxidation process, so our skin becomes old accumulating free radicals, which perform a strong oxidant action
that damages almost all cell constituents.

GLYCATION: as the bread crust hardens due to the reaction between sugars and proteins, becoming rigid and fragile at the same time, so the skin suffers for the same glycation process. This is a slow and irreversible process which generates Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs), harmful molecules that accumulate in the skin, causing a stiffening of the support structures and the disorganisation of the reticular dermis.

The two processes interact continuously, amplifying each other and causing the most evident effects of premature ageing of the face and neck.

Bioline Jatò’s solution is DE-OX C evolution: a real source of vitality and youth that effectively works against oxidative stress and glycation, preserving the tone and the compactness of the skin.

How? Thanks to an exclusive combination between 3C Vitamin Pool, DE-OX Complex and AGL Dipeptide: an innovative and effective synergy that turns on the natural defence process of the skin, ensuring a powerful revitalising and protective effect.

3C VITAMIN POOL. Three different types of vitamin C, the antioxidant par excellence, are combined in a balanced formulation to provide the skin with maximum concentration, absorption and stability. The fundamental basis that avoids the damage caused by free radicals and safeguards the integrity and vitality of the skin.

DE-OX COMPLEX. A complex of three active ingredients which work synergistically, enhancing the antioxidant and anti-glycation actions with antipollution and collagen booster activities.

AGL DIPEPTIDE. AGL dipeptide is the spearhead of the DE-OX C Evolution formula: a functional substance of proven effectiveness, with natural anti-oxidants and anti-glycation effects, which acts against skin ageing processes.

Thanks to the most advanced scientific research, these exclusive active principles are combined to innovative formulas with high tolerability, clinically tested and with slow release carrier systems: that’s why DE-OX C evolution offers anti-oxidant and anti-glycation actions.

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