Immediate relief for sensitive skin, improves resistance against external agents and reduces skin redness

Blueberry extract, blackcurrant extract, aloe vera extract

blueberry extract
protection of surface microcirculation
An extract rich in anthocyanins, substances naturally found in blueberries, which protect and reinforce capillary walls, helping to improve skin microcirculation functions.

blackcurrant extract
reinforcement of skin barrier
A natural source of vitamin C, omega-3 and omega-6, blackcurrants have important antiradical and vascular protection properties, reinforcing the skin’s defence barrier and helping to reduce skin redness.

aloe vera
HYDRATION and protection
The high glycosaminoglycan content of the aloe extract creates a protective film on the skin, seeping water to the epidermis and keeping it hydrated, preventing a loss of water from the skin layer.