Relaxing Touch
“welcoming ritual”
This is the massage with which the Bioline treatments begin.
A “must” sequence of pleasant relaxing and enveloping manoeuvres to loosen all tension and instil maximum relaxation, getting the skin ready to welcome all treatments.
Bioaroma Relaxing EQL with essential oils (Patchouli, Camomile, Ylang Ylang)

Draining Touch
“vitality and balance for the skin”
Through light pumping manoeuvres, this draining massage frees the skin from toxins and impurities.
Skin tissue is thus instilled with new energy, ready to fully welcome all the benefits of the following treatments.
Bioaroma Energy DRN with essential oils of Orange, Lemon, Niaouli

Firming Touch
“final touch”
Finishing phase of the treatment during which finger pressure is used to oxygenate and tone facial muscles, enhancing the cosmetic results of the treatment itself.