Peptide Pearls Intensive Serum-Duo
30 single-dose pearls

Peptide Pearls Intensive Serum-Duo

A revolutionary synergy of two active peptides in rich and silky serums, enclosed in precious single-dose pearls.
A powerful combination of two booster serum concentrates, designed to reduce the visibility of expression lines and to improve the profile of your face and neck. Your skin is transformed, regaining elasticity and a firmer look. Over time, the contour of your facial profile appears more defined, as if redesigned.

silver pearls
BTX peptide
Intensive concentrate with a stretch effect. Characterized by a soft and extremely pleasant texture, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It smoothes the contours and donates a lifted look, reawakening the skin’s youthfulness.

bronze pearls
AGR peptide, Antarctic glycoprotein
Booster serum that visibly firms the look of the skin. Strengthens the skin, restoring smoothness and elasticity. Your facial contours are noticeably more redefined.