Re-launches the skin’s vitality, protecting its lipid content and restoring tissue compactness and elasticity

Skin-identical lipids, biotech collagen, vegetable oils

skin-identical lipids
advanced nourishment and protection
An exclusive set of multilamellar lipids composed of three different types of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, which help to restore the function of the skin’s protective barrier, re-launching the skin’s nourishment and vitality.

biotech collagen
skin compactness and support
An innovative form of biotechnological collagen, which contains a high sugar content, capable of storing large quantities of water in skin tissue, promoting compactness and elasticity.

vegetable oils (wheat germ, sweet almonds, olive oil)
natural nourishment for the skin
A mix of precious vegetable oils, which by virtue of their distinct softening and repairing properties stimulate the restoration of the skin’s hydrolipidic film, offering softness and elasticity.